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Meet the Dyer Fort Pierce Chevrolet Staff

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  • Sales (772) 940-0834
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    • Mike Rivera Photo
      Mike Rivera
      Service Manager
    • Teri Malcolm Photo
      Teri Malcolm
      Warranty Administrator
    • Kelvin Hampton Photo
      Kelvin Hampton
      Service Advisor
    • Jay  Fonte Photo
      Jay  Fonte
      Service Advisor
    • Richard Seeley Photo
      Richard Seeley
      Lane Coordinator
    • Ernesto Santiuste Photo
      Ernesto Santiuste
      Service Advisor
    • Justin Miller Photo
      Justin Miller
    • Andrew Soto Photo
      Andrew Soto
      Service Adviser
    • Gareth Richards Photo
      Gareth Richards
    • Kurt Ustinowich Photo
      Kurt Ustinowich
    • Norman Rebel Photo
      Norman Rebel
    • Zac Long Photo
      Zac Long
    • Joshua Mingus Photo
      Joshua Mingus
    • John McKinney Photo
      John McKinney
      Service Technician
    • Jason Bennett Photo
      Jason Bennett
      Oil Change Tech
    • Darrell Frye Photo
      Darrell Frye
      Collision Center Manager
    • Shannon Lomonaco Photo
      Shannon Lomonaco
      Collision Center Coordinator
    • Mike Rutyna Photo
      Mike Rutyna
      Refinish Technician
    • Henry Doss Photo
      Henry Doss
      Body Technician
    • Dave Jenks Photo
      Dave Jenks
      Collision Tech
    • Gunther Hoffman Photo
      Gunther Hoffman
      Collision Tech
    • Ethan Harbold Photo
      Ethan Harbold
      Detial Team Leader
    • Chuck Robb Photo
      Chuck Robb
    • Sharon Ford Photo
      Sharon Ford
      Customer Care Specialist
    • Customer Care Specialist
      Sandy Ellis
      Customer Care Specialist

      Sandy is a Customer Care Specialist with Dyer Auto. She is originally from Cario, New York and has been in the business 30+ years. Sandy's most memorable experience has been the birth of her two children. Sandy likes to make each customer feel as if they are a part of Dyer Auto. Sandy has achieved top 10% in customer serivce in the district and is certified in many fields, however, she says she is "a jack of all trades - master of none". In her spare time Sandy likes crafting and woodworking. Among her favorite people are family, friends and comedians. Her favorite place is the raw outdoors and her favorite things are laughter and food!

    • Customer Care Specialist
      Emmy Rodriguez
      Customer Care Specialist

      Emmy is originally from New York and has been in the business two years as a service writer and most recently with Dyer Auto Customer Care Center. She appreciates the things that have been done for her. The best part of her job, Emmy says, is that she is given the opportunity to learn more and she is able to help others and laughing with her co-workers is Great for the Soul! Emmy's achievements and awards include Resident Care, Law Enforcement Development and her education includes Alxheimer & Dementia Resource Education as well as Metal Detection Enforcement, CPR & Fire Guard. In her spare time she likes to play Dominoes, Vollyball and go to the shooting range.

    • Customer Care Specialist
      Lisa Wilton
      Customer Care Specialist

      Lisa is in our Customer Care Center. Her most memorable experience is when she said "poke one" instead of "park one" over the intercom! Lisa likes that her co-workers have a great sense of humor, they work as a team and it is a positive environment. Lisa is currently continuing her education in Agriculture Science at Indian River State College. Her hobbies include paddle boarding, fishing, hunting, shopping, exercising and spending time with family and friends. Among her favorite people are her family, newborn nephew and her awesome friends. Lisa's favorite places include the beach, the marsh and the woods!

    • Aubrie Driscoll Photo
      Aubrie Driscoll
      Customer Care Specialist
    • Armen Froonjian Photo
      Armen Froonjian
      Customer Care Specialist
    • Sarah Maldonado Photo
      Sarah Maldonado
      Customer Care Specialist
  • Parts (772) 940-0834
    • Jarett Lang Photo
      Jarett Lang
      Parts Manager
    • Shipping & Receiving
      Carolyn Mounts
      Shipping & Receiving

      Orlando, FL 11 Years

    • Donald Love Photo
      Donald Love
    • Al Cross Photo
      Al Cross
    • Jeff Brubeck Photo
      Jeff Brubeck