2020 Silverado Key Fob Tricks

Chevy Silverado Keyfob

Step inside a secret world you never even knew existed: the alternate reality of 2020 Silverado key fob tricks. It is a wondrous land lying far beyond the scope of knowledge most truck drivers have. Once you learn these tricks, you’ll never be able to go back to the old ways of running your Silverado.

So step behind the curtain of Chevy key fob tricks, and leave everything you know about your key fob behind. These Silverado hacks will take the truck you know and love and unveil some amazing hidden tricks that will make you fall even deeper for the truck that can seemingly do everything.

Chevy Silverado RKE Symbols


You’re very familiar with this button. Imagine you’re headed inside for a well-deserved meal after a hard day at work, and you realize you forgot to lock your doors. You don’t have to make the slough all the way back to your car, stick the key in the door, and manually lock it thanks to this button. Just point and click the closed lock symbol for peace of mind!

Remote Start

Do you frequent freezing locations? You’re going to thank your lucky stars for this button! Depending on your model, you’ll either hold it down or double click this button to remote start your Chevy vehicle up to 300 ft. away. Get it up and running, so you can find warm respite sooner than all your non-Chevy-vehicle-owning friends.

Tailgate Release

Press this button twice, and your tailgate will automatically drop down for you! Get ahead of the game on loading up your equipment or anything else in your truck bed with this button. Have family members who accidentally slam the tailgate while trying to open it? You know they mean the best, but it always hurts to see (and hear). This button will eliminate excessive wear from accidental slams and drops of your tailgate!

Vehicle Locator

The mall, the hospital, the airport. What do these three locales have in common? Impossibly massive parking lots, sometimes with multiple levels to them. Remembering the exact spot where your car is parked doesn’t always make the top of your to-remember list. Lucky you, it doesn’t need to with this button! Click it, and you’ll hear a loud beep to locate your vehicle.


If you can believe it, the “Unlock” button unlocks your door! When you’re trying to make a quick escape from the summer heat, this one will save you valuable seconds in getting out of the scorching sun. Unlock with swiftness and ease, thanks to the Chevy vehicle key fob!

Put On Your Magician’s Hat

It’s time for your crash course in Chevy hidden key fob tricks for the 2020 Chevy Silverado. Get out your key fob, and get ready to use it as you never have before. If you like to set up your car’s ideal environment before you ever enter the cabin, you’ll love the first hidden gem in our guide to 2020 Silverado key fob tricks.

Wind down the windows

The first move you might not know involves your windows. The first of our Silverado key fob tricks allows you to let out some of the hot air that’s accumulated during sweltering sunny days. Through a specific combination of button pushes, you can use your key fob to put all four windows down simultaneously without ever getting in the car. This way you can begin cooling down your car before ever entering, something that can come in especially handy if you live in a warmer climate, such as Fort Pierce, FL. You’ll love putting the following button combination together and letting out all the hot air that’s built up while you were elsewhere.

According to various online sources, the trick for putting all four windows down simultaneously begins by pressing down on the key fob’s unlock button, releasing the unlock button, then re-pressing the unlock button again and holding it down until all windows have receded. In other Chevy cars, this same trick can be accomplished by using the key itself. Chevy owners have also achieved this simultaneous window action by inserting the key into the lock, turning it counterclockwise, releasing the lock, then turning it counterclockwise again, and holding until the windows are down. Now you’ll be able to turn your windows down and get a leg up on airing out your car after a ball game, a round of golf, brunch, a hike, or whatever fun activity left your car in the lot to turn up the heat.

Fold your mirrors

The second example on our list of 2020 Silverado key fob tricks has to do with your mirrors. Sometimes, it’s best to minimize the space we’re taking up once parked. An easy way to do that on the Chevy Silverado is to turn the power-shifting mirrors inward. This can be accomplished by pressing down on the lock button twice and holding the second press down for five seconds or so. You’ll see your mirrors shift into action on the final press down, just as the windows did in trick number one.

Hitting unlock twice and pressing in a similar manner unlocks your car and opens up your mirrors back to their pre-appointed settings. This fantastic 2020 Silverado key fob feature can be adjusted inside your infotainment system. Make sure to turn on “Auto Mirror Folding,” and you’ll be able to get the most out of your 2020 Chevy Silverado and its key fob.

Last but Not Least

For our final trick, here’s a trio of options for controlling your car from outside the cabin. Press the trunk button twice in rapid succession to release the tailgate, and hold down your vehicle locator for three seconds or more to activate the panic alarm on your vehicle locator. Press it just once to hear the horn and flash the lights. If you’d like to disable the passive lock feature and keep your car unlocked for someone that needs to grab something from the back seat, hold down the unlock button.

Go Out and Try It!

We’re not just telling you this information for fun. It’s a great benefit of owning or leasing a Chevy Silverado, a reality that’s possible once you walk through the doors of your local Chevrolet dealer near Port St. Lucie. Our amazing showroom staff members will introduce you to every Chevy Silverado for sale that we have in stock and make you aware of the various trim levels, exterior colors, in-cabin standard features, and add-ons. Also Check out our Chevy Silverado Lease Deals There are many great reasons to take home a truck that charts champion’s figures in strength, swiftness, and durability in all manner of road conditions and traffic settings.

The set of 2020 Silverado key fob tricks is just the cherry on top of the sundae. On top of having the boldest, baddest truck in all the land, you’ll feel like you have car superpowers in the palm of your hand each time you use your key fob to get just a little more than everyone else has.

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