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If your Chevy lease offer is about to end or you want to end your lease early, bring your Chevy Silverado lease special to our dealership for lease returns in Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie. We will take you out of your lease twelve months early at our lease return center in Celebration, Florida. Our team is waiting to help with your Chevy lease returns. To learn more about how to end a car lease early, contact us today.

We accept car lease returns from out of state. You can turn in your Chevy Malibu lease to our lease return center even if you didn’t lease your car from our dealership. If you just moved to the area and are looking to end your lease, see our Chevy dealer Fort Pierce to terminate your lease contract.

Lease Returns in Fort Pierce

Many of our new customers come to us because they want to get out of a lease from another manufacturer then lease one of our new cars for sale. If you are looking for Ford lease returns near me, you can turn in your lease at our dealership even if you drive another manufacturer’s vehicle.

End Your Car Lease Early

A lot can change during a three-year lease offer. Maybe you’ve seen the new Chevy Corvette on the roads of Celebration, Florida, and you want a Jeep lease return so you can upgrade to a new sports car. Maybe your family has grown since you snagged a Chevy Malibu lease offer, and you’re shopping for lease specials on new SUVs for sale. Whatever your reasons are, we can help you end your lease twelve months early. Contact our dealership to learn how to end your car lease.

Customers come to Dyer Chevy Fort Pierce for lease returns in Fort Pierce because we understand that life is full of changes. During the course of a three-year lease special, your job, income, commute, and family can all change. We’re here to change with you. If you needed a new Silverado 1500 4×4 to RV flat tow, but now you need a new electric car to make your new commute more cost-effective, see our dealership for Chevy lease returns. We can help you end your Chevy truck lease and get into a new Chevy Bolt electric car.

Is it good to buy a lease return vehicle?

Off-lease cars for sale can be a great choice. When drivers end their lease up to twelve months early at our lease return center near Celebration, Florida, those vehicles often find a space on our used-car lot because they’ve been well taken care of, are only a couple of years old, and are generally low mileage. A leased vehicle will also often have a thorough service history with accurate service records, so you know your investment has been properly maintained.

What happens when you return a leased car?

When you end your lease, you might owe a disposition fee to cover the cost of preparing your car for resale. If so, this fee will be in your lease contract, so there won’t be any surprises. Before we end your lease twelve months early, check your lease contract to see if there are any disposition fees. At the end of your lease, you can also choose to buy your car, lease a new car from our Chevy dealership, or walk away.

Can I return a lease with damage?

A lease contract allows for some wear and tear, but if the damage goes beyond the scope of normal wear and tear, you will be required to pay for the repairs. In general, any scratches smaller than the size of a quarter will typically fall under normal wear and tear on a lease. Before you turn in your lease, you can prepare your vehicle for inspection by removing any dents and washing the car. In short, yes, we will take you out of your lease twelve months early, even when your vehicle shows signs of wear and tear.

Lease Returns at Dyer Chevy Fort Pierce

If you need to upgrade your ride and can’t wait until the end of your lease term, see us for lease returns in Fort Pierce today. We will take you out of your lease twelve months early. It doesn’t matter if you leased your car from us or you drive a vehicle from another manufacturer. Come to our lease return center in Celebration, Florida, for Ford lease returns. Ready to get out of your Jeep Wrangler and upgrade to a Silverado 4×4? See us for Jeep lease returns.

Contact Dyer Chevy Fort Pierce to find out what to do at the end of your car lease and how to end your lease early. We’re your home for lease returns in Fort Pierce.

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