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Oil change service available at Dyer Chevy in Ft Pierce, Fl

Oil Change Service Near Port St. Lucie, FL

No matter what car model you drive, oil changes are essential to keep your car running as intended and make sure you’re safe on the road. Each vehicle is different, but many cars need an oil change anywhere between every 3,000 and 7,500 miles. This number can change depending on the type of oil you use in your vehicle. For example, using fully-synthetic motor oil can sometimes extend the amount of time you’re able to go in between oil changes. Whether you want a synthetic oil change or regular oil change service, we will take good care of your vehicle.

Oil Changes Made Affordable

If money is a little tight around the time you need your next oil change service, don’t worry! We have deals and oil change coupons available for you all the time, so take advantage of them whenever you need them. We make our Chevy oil change service as affordable as possible because oil change service isn’t a vanity project; it’s essential for your vehicle’s wellbeing and your life on the road.

What Type of Oil Change Is Right for My Car?

So, what’s the deal with the different types of oil? Have you been overwhelmed by all the options when you’ve gotten a Valvoline oil change in the past? That’s okay; it can be pretty confusing to understand what each option is and what the best choice is for your vehicle. If you specifically want a Valvoline oil change, you can choose between their different sub-categories and oil grades. Two of these grades include what we refer to as synthetic oils: the synthetic blend and full synthetic.

If you want to prioritize the performance of your engine, a synthetic oil change might be right for you. Synthetic oils are a lot more refined and have fewer impurities. They can also help your car’s engine perform better in extreme weather conditions. Don’t worry; if you’ve used synthetic oil in your car once and want to switch back to regular, you can do that without any negative consequences to your car’s performance. Make sure to refer to your car’s Owner Manual to see what type of oil is recommended, or call our service specialists to talk about some of the finer details and see what we recommend for your Chevy oil change.

Rely on Dyer Chevy

At Dyer Chevy in Fort Pierce, FL, we want to keep your car running as good as possible. Changing your oil regularly will assist in keeping your engine cleaner and making sure other under-the-hood systems are fully lubricated and operating smoothly. This helps you avoid the possible cost of an expensive engine repair or replacement. We’re happy to share all of our knowledge with you about what’s best for your vehicle regarding your Chevy oil change and other essential maintenance services. That’s why you should visit us for your auto service near Port St. Lucie. Our goal isn’t to create hidden expenses for no reason. We want to keep you safe by maintaining the highest quality and efficiency of your car’s parts so that you can rely on it as long as you want, just like you can rely on us for your Chevy oil change and all other service needs.


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