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Finance Center

If you need special finance options to purchase a used car, get in touch with our dealership. We are here to assist drivers with credit ratings that are currently below tier one to find the used car financing they deserve. When you need alternative used car credit options after a divorce or repossession, come to our special finance dealership for a soft credit check and assistance.

Getting Approved for Special Finance Car Loans

The first step to getting approved for a special finance auto loan is to submit our free finance application. The application carries no obligation and only serves to alert our team of your interest in getting finance on used car approval.

After we receive your application, our special situations finance team will review your credit report to understand the landmarks that led to your unique credit rating. This way, we’ll be equipped to approach lenders about getting you special finance auto loans in Fort Pierce, FL.

While we’re reviewing your information, take a moment to play around with our finance payment calculator to get a sense of what your monthly payments might be and how putting more money down at signing will lower your car payment.

Build Your Credit With Special Finance

Here at Dyer Chevy Fort Pierce, we know how daunting it can be to apply for used car financing when you’re unsure about your credit score. We distinguish ourselves from other used car dealerships out there because we want to see you get approved. By making your loan payments on time every month, you’ll begin to raise your credit score over time. Get back on the road and back on track with an auto loan from our special finance dealership.

How Do I Finance a Used Car With Low Credit?

Our used car dealership stocks a wide selection of used cars and trucks for sale along with used cars and SUVs under $10,000. After you pick out a used Chevy Silverado 1500, sit down with our finance team to apply for specialized credit options. Let us know how much you can put down upfront because the more money you can pay at signing, the more you increase your chances of getting a special finance auto loan.

What Sets Our Special Finance Dealership Apart?

We want to see you get a used car loan. If you have a credit score below 620 or a history of late payments, don’t let that prevent you from applying. Our in-house finance department collaborates with multiple banks and credit unions to help improve your chances of getting a special finance loan. We’ve secured loans for a vast array of drivers who need many of the following types of loans:

  • Bankruptcy Financing For Drivers
  • Foreclosure Financing For Drivers
  • No Credit Financing Options For Drivers
  • Repossession Financing For Drivers
  • Divorce Financing For Drivers
  • High-Risk Financing For Drivers
  • Foreclosure Financing For Drivers

If you need a special finance loan near Port St. Lucie, let us see how we can help you too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does special financing mean?

Special financing auto loans are also called sub-prime credit loans and are offered to drivers with credit scores below tier one, tainted credit histories, or those who have credit ratings that make them ineligible for a new car lease or typical auto loan. Special finance loans are provided by banks and credit unions as well as in-house through the finance department at your used car dealership.

What is a used car loan?

A used car loan is a way of purchasing a used car where you finance all or a portion of the price of the vehicle. The amount of money you are able to borrow is often determined by your credit score and credit history. A used car loan is a smart way to raise your credit score over time.

How do you qualify for special financing?

After a dealership runs a credit check, you will need to show proof of income and provide evidence that you can afford the monthly car payment. Putting down more money at signing can help improve your chances of being approved for a special finance loan. Contact our dealership for special financing on used cars. We’re here to help you get a used car loan.

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