covid19 store update

To Our Valued Customers,

Dyer Chevrolet has maintained a commitment to providing for our guests and community. During these challenging times, our mission is to continue to serve our customers in a safe and healthy environment.
Our Thoughts and Prayers are extended to the families that have been affected by the Coronavirus COVID-19. Our team would also like to thank all members of healthcare facilities, first responders and members of the military.
In our effort to contribute, Dyer Chevrolet will be open to serve the community in the most safe and healthy way. Our Team will now be following all the policies listed below.

Our Team: Our employees have received top safety practices to prevent the spread of infection. We practice proper hand washing, proper intense cleaning and we will require any employees showing any signs or symptoms of illness whatsoever to go on an increased amount of paid sick leave.

Our Greeting: Dyer Chevrolet has always insured a welcome greeting with a handshake and a smile. However, to help prevent any spread of illness, our team has been instructed to avoid handshaking and close proximity interactions.

Our Facilities: While we have always had professional cleaning every evening, we are enhancing and intensifying those efforts for the safety of our guests and employees. Our facility will also be providing hand sanitizer to guests and employees to use regularly. Our team members are also cleaning and disinfecting all areas of the facilities regularly throughout the day.

Vehicle Cleanliness: Interior surfaces of vehicles are being wiped down regularly. This includes service vehicles, loaner vehicles, and any pre-owned or new cars taken on test drives. We have plastic steering wheel covers and plastic Gear shift knob covers to be used as well.

While taking all these precautionary measures, we would like you to know that we remain open for business and stand ready to provide exceptional service.