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Should I Lease Or Buy A Car?

Great question! So many of our customers wonder the same thing, “What’s the difference if I lease vs buy a car?” There are benefits to both financial structures, but right off the bat, both options allow you to drive a brand new vehicle without having to pay for the full MSRP out of pocket. This is the key advantage that both programs offer. But why two options? What’s the difference? Scroll down to see all the details revealed on our lease vs buy a car page, and once you’re a seasoned pro, contact us to lease or buy!

Car Lease Benefits Near Port St. Lucie at a Glance

A lease offers a lot of flexibility, convenience, and savings. Why? You’re only paying for a portion of the total MSRP, not the full amount like a finance situation. This “portion” of the MSRP is calculated based on your credit, driving habits, and available incentives. With a lease, you’ll enjoy:

  • The flexibility to get into a new vehicle sooner without much financial commitment
  • Warranty periods that cover the duration of your lease
  • A lower monthly payment
  • Little to no money down at the time of contracting

Cool, right? But what are you missing? You’re not! Most people think that they have to give their leased vehicle back at the end of the lease. You don’t. You can choose to buy your vehicle at the end of your lease for the remaining balance of the MSRP. For instance, if you lease an SUV for three years and your total costs involved are $35k on an $85k-MSRP vehicle, could you guess what your buyout would be? You got it — $50k.

So with a lease, you can always buy if you wish, but you might not want to if you like the idea of driving the latest model. You’re free from assuming the total amount of a vehicle that’s a few years too old for you. And that’s the key advantage of the lease. Lease vs finance: which is better? Let’s take a closer look at the other option.

Finance Benefits. She’s Mine, All Mine.

Many people prefer to have that sense of ownership with their vehicle. Payments are higher because, as we said above, you carry the entire amount of the loan with your monthly payment. However, some circumstances make a finance scenario ideal:

  • You drive more than 18k miles/year
  • You don’t want any usage restrictions
  • You like to own a potential asset
  • You can sell the vehicle privately while making payments

If you’re thinking, “Hmmm. Lease vs buy a car…” consider the above benefits or take a look at your profession. Are you in home improvement or construction? Are you in sales such as real estate or pharmaceuticals? If so, financing might make more sense than a lease for your situation. The more miles you tack onto your lease and the longer you lease it, the higher the payment may go, which might make your payment even more than what it would be if you were to finance.

In other words, let’s say you lease one of our new Chevy vehicles in Fort Pierce for 15k miles/year at $325/month for three years. That very same car might be $450/month to finance for five years. But let’s also say you insist on leasing with higher miles for a longer period of time. You’re quoted a lease for 22k miles at 48 months. Your lease payment now swings to $495/month. Which is better in this case? Financing. You pay less per month and have no restrictions. Plus, you’ve got your car for another full year.

You Haven’t Answered Me! Should I Lease or Buy a Car?

Here’s the truth, if you can’t answer that question, neither can we! We want you to drive a car that you love. We’ll help you pick the perfect model, and we’ll structure the deal (whether you lease or finance) to maximize your savings. You need to weigh the benefits of each scenario and determine which makes the most sense to you. Why? Because the choice is based on what you’ll enjoy more. And in the end, that’s what we want for you.

If you still want us to take a stance with this lease vs buy a car conundrum, here’s what we’ll do. We will insist that you use our secure online credit application and apply for financing ahead of time. Regardless of whether you lease or finance, taking care of this step now can save you two to three hours on your visit with us. With that step out of the way, all you have to do is pick your favorite. Let us handle the rest!

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