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Program Chevy Garage Door Opener: How-To

New Chevrolet car owners will be able to put the new Chevy Homelink garage door opener to their benefit right away. After you’ve taken your new Chevrolet vehicle home from the lot, you can program a Chevy garage door opener with remote to truly make your car at home. Welcome your new Chevy vehicle into the house through our step-by-step guide to programming a Chevy garage door opener.

How To Program Chevy Garage Door Openers

You’ve driven your car home and parked it in the driveway. Now, follow the sequence to set up your Chevrolet garage door opener for the first time.

  1. To start, check the battery in your remote control transmitter and make sure it’s new.
  2. Next, turn your car on with it parked facing the garage.
  3. Locate the Homelink buttons in your Chevy vehicle. They’ll often be in one of three places: the overhead console, the visor, or the rearview mirror.
  4. Now, while holding your remote control transmitter next to your Homelink control button, press down on the desired Homelink control button while also pressing down on the remote control button.
  5. Hold down the buttons until the Homelink indicator light flashes on and off slowly and the flashes either increase in speed or become a solid light. When the light becomes a solid bar with no flashing, your Homelink Chevrolet garage door opener is programmed.
  6. Push the Homelink controller button twice to activate the system, then use your remote controller to activate the garage door. Voila! You’re home.

Now just a single button push effortlessly lifts your garage door when you come gliding into the driveway after a long day out on the road. It’s just another way your Chevrolet vehicle makes what you want actually happen with a single, quick action that doesn’t remove your focus from the road.

If the Homelink Chevrolet Garage Door Opener Keeps Flashing…

Sometimes your garage door opener motor just won’t recognize the Chevrolet Homelink function automatically. That’s when you’ll have to get out of the car and reset your opener motor so that it recognizes your new car.
Find the “learn” or “smart” button on your opener motor; it’s often located next to the hanging antenna wire on the back of the motor opener. Press the “learn” button a single time, and that will typically begin a period of possible activation. Return to your vehicle quickly and push the programmed Homelink control button not once, not twice, but three times in order to complete the activation process.
To program the two remaining Homelink control buttons, complete the process described above with each specific button. When that is complete, your car will be fit throughout to lift the garage door when you get in range. It’s as easy as using one of your three Chevrolet Homelink buttons or using the remote control. Now you’ve undergone the process required to program Chevy garage door openers, and your car can easily access the garage with just the push of a button.

Still Having Problems? Contact Your Local Chevrolet Dealership.

Chevrolet is proud to deliver driving experiences that fulfill dreams and have families’ backs when they need them most. You can always count on our cars to step up to the occasion, and the same is true for our staff. When you reach out to the Chevrolet dealership near Port St. Lucie they’re sure to be a helpful resource for any problems you’re running into while trying to program Chevy garage door openers. Our teams are not only familiar with the Chevy cars for sale on our lot, but they also know everything there is to know about the accessories, add-ons, and parts that maximize their potential.
Our experts know all about programming Chevy garage door openers and the types of problems drivers just like you sometimes run into when trying to set up their system for the first time. Our car and car care experts are on hand to help you sync up your new vehicle to your house. Call or contact us right now if you’re stuck in the driveway or disconnected, and they’ll talk you through the steps required to program a Chevy garage door opener with remote.

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