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Soft Credit Check In Fort Pierce, FL

For those who find themselves novices to the world of auto finance options, the idea of a soft credit check might seem like a huge hurdle to jump. Fear not! The professionals here at Dyer Chevrolet Fort Pierce are here to help you navigate the not-so-complicated world of credit checks and the like. Have a look at this quick guide on navigating soft credit inquiries now! We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of soft credit pulls and all that they entail.

Hard Credit Pull vs. Soft Credit Pull

So, What’s a Soft Credit Pull?

A soft credit pull is when you look at your credit history for a pre-approval, without actually impacting your overall score. Most people want to opt for a soft credit check over a hard inquiry because of the toll hard credit pulls take on your score.

A hard inquiry can remain on your credit report for up to two years, with the score impact lasting a few months. In contrast, a soft inquiry happens when someone peeks at your credit report without you directly applying for credit. These types of pulls hold little risk to the lender and borrower; therefore, there’s no impact on the overall credit score.

Here are times when a soft credit check occurs:

  • You run your own credit check
  • A lender checks your credit after you apply for a pre-approval
  • A company does a soft credit inquiry to see what offers you qualify for

On average, you want to pull your credit history around 2-3 times a year (if at all). Multiple credit pulls can adversely impact your credit, as well as your eligibility for a loan. If you opt for an auto loan, your credit score and history will directly impact your ability to access desired rates. So the next time you’re considering financing a car at a new car dealership near St. Lucie, think of this.

How Credit Pulls Work

If you apply for a pre-approval, the chances that your lender implemented a soft inquiry to deem you worthy are high. Initially, it might sound a tad scary––the process of accessing an approval. We promise it’s a lot simpler than you think. The next time you’re considering a new vehicle purchase in Fort Pierce, feel free to think of us! We have tons of reliable models for sale, along with the financing options to match, plus a valuable trade appraisal service.

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